Top 10 High Schools in Mississauga Ranking

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School Name
2015-16 Rating
John Fraiser Mississauga 8.8
The Woodlands Mississauga 8.5
Gordon Graydon Memorial Mississauga 8.3
Port Credit Mississauga 8.2
Glenforest Mississauga 7.9
Lorne Park Mississauga 7.8
Cawthra Park Mississauga 7.6
Stephen Lewis Mississauga 7.3
Mississauga Mississauga 7.0
Rick Hansen Mississauga 7.0

Catholic High School Ranking

School Name
2015-16 Rating
St. Marcellinus Mississauga 8.6
St Aloysius Gonzaga Mississauga 8.4
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Mississauga 7.9
Sainte-Famille Mississauga 7.7
St Francis Xavier Mississauga 7.5
St Joseph Mississauga 7.3
Philip Pocock Mississauga 7.1
St Martin Mississauga 7.1
Loyola Mississauga 7.0
Iona Mississauga 7.0

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